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Welcome to Fishing and Outdoors Los Angeles. Come on in and let Bob Ayers guide you and yours to all the best spots in and around the LA area, for flyfishing, fishing, hiking, camping, bicycling, goldpanning, bird watching, boating, stargazing, picnicking, and much much more.

Bob is a California licensed guide, bonded and insured and guarantees a safe and memorable outing. He has 30 plus years of experience to aid you in your enjoyment of the outdoors in and around Los Angeles.

Whether it's only you or a group, Bob's knowledge of the outdoors will insure a fun trip for all.
For more information on guiding services and instruction please visit us at the Trading Post.

Bob Ayers
California Licensed Guide

While you're visiting us, if you happen to place your cursor (arrow) over a small photo and a little hand appears, click on the photo and it will enlarge, click Back on you browser and it will return to (thumbnail) size.

Now get clicking and discover Los Angeles's great outdoors, and while ya'll are here, if you think we've missed something, email so we can update the site. Please do your part to help make Los Angeles a cleaner and safer place. Leave the area cleaner than you found it, take an extra sack with you to carry out trash with.


Football is now a world wide sport and if you want the perfect little gift for a friend or lover, check out "Football, A Woman's Guide" at the Gift Shop page or go to We also encourage the use of this tape as a fundraiser.  You can make $5 to $6 per tape and it really does teach the basics of the game for all you new football parents out there.

Bulletin: Please report any and all poaching, netting, or vandalism of our outdoors to CalTip at 1-800-DFG-CALTIP


Warning about Abel Products

The Abel Company as you know makes a damn good reel, over priced but a good reel. On a weekend not too long ago my buddy Mike and I were rigging up our rods for the Cachuma Lake Trout Derby when the slip sinker bounced a couple of times around the tip of my Abel bass rod. I reached up to slide the line back off and in doing so had to bend the tip a little and it snapped off in my hand. For a few beats Mike and I did not speak. We couldn't believe it. This is a rod I had bought less than a year earlier with my birthday money. I own a couple other Abel products ( The multi pocketed carry-on and a pair of pliers) but I have bought my last Abel product. I live 20 minutes from the Abel company and when I took the rod back to them to exchange because it had a life time warranty I was told to replace it, it would cost me another $125 dollars. I still have my broken rod as a reminder to not overspend for a brand name. What really upsets me is the fact that they did not believe me when I told them that it broke the way it did. They said it looked well used ( it was, I live on a bass lake.) but I take damn good care of my stuff and this rod even more so. I blame myself for not reading the fine print but I will never endorse another Abel product.


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